He and Sherry always had a bit of a sixth sense for one another… almost as though they were connected in ways that were beyond where relationships left your souls. As odd as that may have sounded, aloud or just in his head, that’s truly what he believed. They were on the same plain of existence, but perhaps they resided elsewhere, together, as well —— somewhere not unlike this one, but almost as though this isn’t the first life they had gotten to spend together.

                            They were too good as just friends, and even more so, too good as best friends, the only step left had placed them where they were —— so unconditionally in love with one another, sometimes it terrified Leon to the point of nauseousness. To rely on someone so heavily, to keep your heart and your well being, and your sanity intact. It was a scary thing… but he trusted Sherry. More than he ever trusted anyone. That’s what helped make them work.


                             So as he pulled his cell phone from the pocket of his leather jacket, the pad of his thumb swiping across the button of the screen in one fluid motion… it vibrated to the alert of a new text message. Sherry had gotten her present. He thinks, briefly, smiling as he opens it, and sees the proposition for a date later that evening. His shift here at the DSO office —— where he was often placed when there wasn’t some world-shattering event happening ( the regular, normal person thing, y’know? paperwork. ) —— ended in about an hour, so he could certainly make it home in time to take Sherry someplace fancy… only the best for his princess, after all. But maybe he’d tease her a bit, play coy.

                           As he entered his assigned office, he shut the door behind him ( which had this really professional-looking name tag on it from the outside. ) —— thumbs making quick work of replying in response with an ever so charming, even in text form, "A date? Don’t know about that, you see, I’m an engaged man. What would my fiance think?" Smirking, he pressed send, waiting for the blue bubble of the message to show him it was read, before he backed out to the home screen.

It was almost like she had known that he would be holding the phone as she decided to send him a message. And the only reason she had that feeling was because almost as soon as she had sent the message, she saw that it had been read. That alone made her smile so wide that it almost hurt her face. It was an odd sense of connection, even though he was at work and she had just gotten back home from the very same place. Which meant he must have come home during his lunch break to leave this for her.

Sherry held the teddy bear closer, leaning in, once against catching his scent clinging to the light brown fur, soft underneath her fingertips. "Oh? Engaged?" She sent back, smiling as she bit down on her bottom lip, bringing her legs up under her as she thought about how she could word what she was thinking.


"Well, whoever she is, she must be an incredibly lucky girl. One that I’m quite jealous of, if I may be completely honest." When the read didn’t pop right away, she knew he had put his phone away. He was most likely walking into the building to finish up for the day. Meaning he would be home soon. Again, the butterflies went crazy.

"But..maybe you’ll still allow me a date? I’m sure she won’t mind." Sherry knew for a fact she wouldn’t mind. In fact, she encouraged a date night. One spent at home, away from the world. Cell and home phones off and unplugged, and the front door locked so that they could be alone. “My place? When you get off work? I’ll have food waiting for you?” As that message sent, she jumped from the bed, placing the teddy pair gently back onto the bed, kissing the top of his head and giggling like a school girl as she ran down to the kitchen to get started cooking for them.


                                           ”No matter how 
                                                       hard } it gets, 
                                  no matter what trials occur,
                                             I will {never} leave you to face them 

September  16   [ 402 ]

People bitching about other peoples ships. More like you aren’t the one playing the characters in said ship, so it’s none of your business. Unfollow if you’re going to whine. I’m really tired of seeing people get butthurt over Leon and Sherry, Jesus fucking Christ. Not once have tripledshot and I ever written Sheon smut, and not once has this ship ever been established with anything other than Sherry as an adult. So your argument is clearly invalid and I’m tired of biting my tongue about it. I keep silent about my distaste for Aeon so I don’t end up hurting anybody’s feelings and I am fucking sick of being the only one that gives a shit about other people and whether or not they’re comfortable in my presence. Serious unfollowing spree + shoving some toxic fucks out of my life starting immediately. I’m an adult and I don’t have the time nor the patience to argue like we’re in middle school, take your teenage drama queen complex away from me.


■ = What they think internally about your character


      ❝I don’t know how often people have told you—
          I bet it was often. You’re sweet n’ it’s refreshin’,
          It is a quality lost in this new age,
          but you’re too sweet for your own good.

                      ❝ you’re a good boy. 
              delsin rowe. independent. selective. multi-verse. selective ship.
                                                                                      i. ii. iii. iv.
September  14   [ 41 ]
zombiexpress: Leaves a teddy bear on her bed.

Sherry sees the stuffed animal as soon as she opened the door. She tried to hold back her smile, and failed almost immediately. Tossing her jacket and keys onto the chair beside her bed, she sat down on the pillow-topped surface. Reaching for the teddy bear, she held him to her chest for a moment, smelling Leon’s cologne right away. As if it would be from anyone else. Taking out her phone, still holding the stuffed animal, she opened a new text message.

"Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?" She asked, almost smiling at the silliness. They were in a clearly established relationship, so to ask him out on a date almost felt..childish. But if he was going to flirt with her, knock her off her feet with his sweet, romantic heart. Well, she was going to do the very same to him.

September  14   [ 2 ]

September  14   [ 2 ]

zombiexpress: leon and albert having a casual conversation over drinks though.


❝ Mr. Kennedy, I believe I’ve found the answer to finally making you a fully competent driver — you simply shouldn’t drive in the first place. Just ride a bicycle, it kills extra calories and hopefully, you won’t crash it like you did everything else

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